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Sunday, October 2, Fr. EJ, will present A Walk Through the Mass, Part 3: The Eucharistic Prayer from 10:45 - 12 noon.


October 6 or 9: A Walk Through the Mass, Part 4: Commissioning and Dismissal. The presentation with Colleen Gerke, ofs will be in Church at 7pm Thursday and repeated Sunday at 10:45am in Church.  The sessions in Spanish have been posponed.

From Fr. E.J. - 

Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending an entire day in the Cintas Center at Xavier University. Impressive place! Even more impressive was the Partners in Mission conference I participated in there, along with our school principal, Nicole Brainard. We joined more than 150 principals and  pastors of the  Catholic  schools of the  archdiocese.  We  were gaining  knowledge and learning skills related to advancement and leadership services for Catholic         education. We learned about attracting, enrolling, retaining and graduating students in our          respective Catholic schools.   
We learned some things that seemed particularly interesting to me. For example, a Catholic school’s ideal funding scenario is 70% from tuition, 20% from parish support, and 10% from school fundraising strategies. Re-enrollment of current students should begin in November for the following school year. The two most effective digital marketing tools for a Catholic school are Facebook and Instagram. THESE ARE A MUST! In marketing materials, the comic sans font should never be used. Nationally, 40% of tuition is paid by grandparents. Nationally too, the reasons why people choose Catholic schools (in order of importance) are these: (1) real or perceived academic quality, (2) safety, (3) behavior and discipline development, and (4) faith. It may seem strange that faith is identified as only fourth in importance. But faith is a major driver in attaining the top three reasons.
The conference made it very clear to all participants that — as important as all this information is and these strategies are — they must be viewed and practiced under the “commandment” of relationship building. Relationship building is everything in attracting, retaining, and graduating students along with their families.
Although I was at a meeting focused on Catholic schools, I found myself thinking about welcoming and relationship-building as it applies to our weekend worshipping community. I’m glad Colleen Gerke wrote about this issue in last week’s Faith Formation section of the church bulletin. Social  scientists  report that first impressions  last a very  long  time.  Before  weekend Masses begin, I am usually in the Commons area of church, saying “short hellos” to folks but not really meeting them. I want St. Clement to be known as a welcoming and relationship-building place. So, I am going to start being more intentional about greeting people. “Good morning! I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Father E.J.  Welcome to St. Clement!”……“If your children need a restroom, they are at the side doors in this Commons  area”….. “Is this your first time to St. Clement?”….. “I hope you didn’t have to drive too far to get here”……“Although this is an English-speaking (or Spanish-speaking) Mass, we have bilingual missalettes in the pews to help you follow along.”   
I’d like to invite everyone to join me in being more intentional in welcoming others, whether in the Commons, in the aisles, or in the pews. Thank you.
God bless you all!   Fr. EJ