Weekly celebration of Sunday Mass is the Saturday Vigil Eucharistic Liturgy at 4:00 pm, Sunday at 9:30am and 12:30pm in Spanish.  All Masses are live streamed on Facebook at the scheduled time and archived on our pairsh Facebook page or YouTube

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Mananitas - Sunday, December 12 at 5 AM, Mass at 12:30 and Blessing of Cars from 2-4 PN

Advent Recinciliation Services - Thursday, December 16 at 2:30 and 7:00 PM in church

Posadas - Friday and Saturday, December 17 and 18 at 5:30 PM at Church.  Contact the Parish Office (51--641-3176 ext. 163 or cgerke@stclement.org) if you are within walking distance of the church and would like carolers to visit you during the Posada procession.

Blessing of Expectant Mothers - All Masses December 18 and 19.

Family Portraints & Parish and School Directory Save the Dates:  Portaints will be taken on Febraury 2, 3, 5, 5, and 6.  Anyone willing to volunteers as hostesses for those dates or to make invitation and reminder calls to families, please call the parish offcie at (513)641-3176.  We are also looking from someone with graphic design skills to assist with layout and logo decisions.


From Fr. E.J. - - 

This column is being written on the Monday following the Thanksgiving and First Sunday of Advent rush. These past few days have reminded me that in my approximately 20 years of parish ministry, I have experienced what I call the annual parish marathon.” It seems that every morning, afternoon, and evening each day is filled with something. The Thanksgiving to New Years Day period of time is filled with intensified prayer, liturgy, sacraments, decorating, gift preparation, Christmas Season get-togethers of every kind, shopping, Christmas cards, travel arrangements, etc. Every year I ask myself, As good as it is in many ways, how am I not going to get swallowed up by all this frenetic activity? How will I maintain some Advent calm in preparation for the Lords birth?

About ten years ago I began, and have annually continued, a custom that helps me to blend Advent expectant waiting with busy preparations for Christmas. This custom helps me spiritually and psychologically to breathe” – to be in touch with the Lord in the middle of all the frenetic activity. I refer to this custom as the Advent style of Christmas Tree DecoratingYou can use any Christmas tree – the one in your bedroom, or in the common room of your house, or wherever. You can do this alone, or with family, or with a few friends. On the First Sunday of Advent get your tree out and set it up at its place. Thats it – no lights and no decorations. While you think about what your tree might look like over the next weeks, also ask the Lord how you might spiritually look like during the next year. On the Second Sunday of Advent just string the lights on your tree. How might the Lord be trying to brighten your life? On the Third Sunday of Advent go ahead and decorate the whole tree but leave the lights off. What are the special blessings the Lord has given to your life this past year that are able to be shared with others? On the Fourth Sunday of Advent, its time to turn the lights on! Youre ready for Christmas! How will the Lord be reborn in your life this year? I hope your Advent is a special time for you and the Lord.

    We are now at the weekend when, after a very long consultation and input time, we will hear of the finalization of the Archdiocesan Families of ParishesIt will first be revealed
at noon on the Archdiocesan Website under 
Beacons of Light.” I will really be glad to learn what parishes we finally get to work with. Now the next step is to hear guidance from the Archdiocese on ideas for how we might work together. For me, this process sure takes a lot of patience and openness. I always like results yesterday. My overall question is this: How is the Lord wishing to be reborn in the Church in the immediate and long-term future? Lets all pray about that and continue to ask the Lords guidance.   

Everyone have a good week. Fr. EJ